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Below you’ll find a collection of resources I’ve been working on for Nurse Practitioners (NP) working in private clinical practice. Having worked as as an NP in both the public and private Australian healthcare sectors, I can assert there isn’t a great deal of business, logistical or clinical support for those of us working in the private sector. Below is my tiny contribution to making the world a better place for NPs in private practice. Enjoy!

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On 1 November 2010, Australian legislation was passed which allowed Nurse Practitioners access to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). This change was instrumental in the evolution and diversification of private practice models for NPs in Australia.

You’ll find a free brochure resource in this area, along with helpful links to the NP MBS items.
Nurse Practitioners working in private practice can request a wide-range of pathology examinations which are reimbursed by the MBS. They are also able to request a limited range of diagnostic imaging services.

This resource provides downloadable summaries of these services, along with helpful information regarding pathology services which NPs can perform at the point-of-care.
Here you’ll find helpful information on issues surrounding referrals made by NPs in the private sector.

You’ll also find additional resources I’ve developed whilst working in primary health care.