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To book an appointment click on the 'book appointment' button that appears on this page.

This will enable you to book a face to face (in-person) or telehealth (online) appointment during normal business hours. If you are seeking a telehealth consult out of normal business hours, please click HERE.

All of our in-person consults take place @Capital Chemist Wanniassa.


Bridging Healthcare offers two types of consults during normal business hours: online and in-person. Consultation prices are based upon the amount of time spent with you.

See table below for indicative pricing:


$ Bulk Billed

We strongly believe in prevention and public health.
That's why all services that simply require the administration of a vaccination or simple injection are always bulk billed.

Under 20 Min.

$50 ($18.55 Rebate)

Great for simple concerns, such as:

  • Sick Certificates
  • Colds
  • STI Checks
  • Skin Checks
  • Wounds

20 - 39 Min.

$70 ($35.15 Rebate)

Great for complex concerns or chronic conditions, such as:

  • Multiple Concerns
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes Care
  • HIV Care

40+ Min.

$95 ($51.85 Rebate)

Great for time-intensive issues, such as:

  • Health Checks
  • Mental Health Care
  • Case Management
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Care Plans

Medicare rebates are not available for the below items, so additional facility fees will apply:

  • Surgical procedures
  • Implanon insertion/removal
  • Wound supplies
  • Cryotherapy
  • Iron Injections
  • Home visits
You will be quoted on these prices before service provision.

Online (Telehealth) Consults

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Online (Telehealth) consults work well for simple concerns, such as:
  • Sick or Carer's Certificates
  • Prescription Renewals
  • Blood Test Request Forms
  • Minor Illnesses
Online consults should not be used for emergencies. We do not recommend online consults for conditions that require a physical assessment, or where the health condition is complex and unclear. If during your consult an in-person consultation is required, you will be advised of this and your subsequent in-person consultation bulk-billed.
After booking your online (telehealth) consult:
  1. You will immediately receive an email with a special link to click that will connect you to your appointment at your chosen time. If you haven't received this email please check your junk or spam inbox.
  2. Click on the link 5 Minutes before your appointment to ensure your computer or internet-connected mobile device is ready to connect.
  3. If you encounter any troubles connecting, a representative from Bridging Healthcare will contact you at your appointment time.