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Saving Health: SBS Insight

I had the great pleasure of being an invited guest of the televised program “Saving Health” on SBS Insight.  It was a brilliant opportunity to engage in intelligent conversation with health professionals and consumers alike!   I learned a great deal from the experience and only wished I had more time to discuss Nurse Practitioners, … Continue reading Saving Health: SBS Insight

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The GP Copayment – A Pig Dressed in Lipstick?

There has been a lot of news today about the proposed GP copayment, which is meant to come into effect next year.  I gotta say, I find this “new” proposal more than a little suspicious given the Coalition government’s earlier $7 copayment proposal, which overtly discriminated against marginalised populations.   You have to wonder if … Continue reading The GP Copayment – A Pig Dressed in Lipstick?

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