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On Nursing, Squeaky Wheels and Disruptive Innovation

This week I had the honour of presenting the Donna Diers Oration at the 13th Annual Conference of the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners.  I delivered this speech to an amazing, gracious audience.  I’ve never received a standing ovation before.  Let me assure you, it’s a humbling experience.  Words can’t express how thankful I am … Continue reading On Nursing, Squeaky Wheels and Disruptive Innovation

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Curtin University Nurse Practitioner Forum

Just presented at the Curtin University Nurse Practitioner Forum via Skype (what a convenient way to present!).  I just want to extend a “thank you!” to my colleagues who invited me to speak about Nurse Practitioners and their contributions to Primary Health Care.  Overview from my session: Introduction Worked from primary to quaternary care environments … Continue reading Curtin University Nurse Practitioner Forum

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AUSMED Conference

During past few years, Nurse Practitioners have made huge headway in the Australian healthcare system and have spearheaded new nursing roles. Due to the demanding nature of this advanced and extended practice there is a need for regular evidence- based high level clinical-related updates.  This seminar offers Nurse Practitioners an opportunity to complement their existing … Continue reading AUSMED Conference

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