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Bridging Healthcare

My aim is to promote and facilitate the development of innovative and informed nurse practitioner models of care into the existing Australian primary health care infrastructure.
Chris Helms, Primary Healthcare Nurse Practitioner


Australia faces many challenges in today’s dynamic and overburdened healthcare environment.

Bridging Healthcare was established in 2011 to provide healthcare solutions using the holistic and encompassing perspective of nursing.

We complement your strengths and contributes a balanced
perspective to an ongoing conversation that aims to improve the health of our community.


Bridging Healthcare provides the following consultancy services:

  • Nursing Expert Legal Opinion
  • Business Development Support
  • Education and Presenter Services
  • Nurse Practitioner Service Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Needs Analysis and Service Evaluation


Bridging Healthcare works at the cutting edge of healthcare.

A passion for innovation through the responsible and informed use of technology, playful creativity, flexibility, and a desire for excellence underscores our practice.

Consulting Services

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Dr Chris Helms is a Registered Nurse and endorsed Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience across the regulatory, education, and clinical spheres of the health sector. Specifically, he has expertise in:

  • Health Professional Regulation
  • Health Policy
  • Delphi Research and Survey Design
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning and Management
  • Primary Healthcare Service Design
  • Nursing Education
He has several publications in peer-reviewed journals. Referees and a curriculum vitae are available upon request.

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